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Information about project

This site is intended for those users who want to monitor the status of their masternodes and / or do not have sufficient knowledge about masternodes settings. There are two corresponding services implemented here: Masternode ranking service (hereinafter referred to as MRS) and One click masternode setup service.
To search for coin projects with help of MRS, you can set the parameters:

  • ROI,
  • Price,
  • Change,
  • Daily,
  • Nodes,
  • MN Worth,
  • and others.
For each selected coin, it is possible to open an additional page with more detailed information about it and links to the project.

The users of the One Click Masternode Setup will only need to select a coin and follow a simple, beginners-proof 3-5-point instruction. The program code for the installation will be obtained from the coin developers and the likelihood of interference by the outsiderss drops to zero.

We are expecting for a wide audience and therefore ordinary users will obtain free access to our MRS service (in terms of monitoring their own Masternode programs).

To list the project with a new coin on the MNF, its developers will need to pay for participation. After that, the participation of the coin (project) in the ranking will be free and it will be visible to all users.