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Stemma income stats

0.00001067 BTC

Daily: 213.3333 STEMMA
$ 0.0383

0.00007467 BTC

Weekly: 1,493.3333 STEMMA
$ 0.2679

0.00032 BTC

Monthly: 6,400 STEMMA
$ 1.1481

0.00389333 BTC

Yearly: 77,866.6667 STEMMA
$ 13.9685
Stemma price stats
Stemma Market statistics

0.00000005 BTC

$ 0.0002

0.00005594 BTC

$ 0

0.0990527 BTC

$ 355

Stemma price graph
Stemma Masternode stats

Masternode Fans hosted masternodes 17
ROI (annual) 7,785.43% / 5 days
Paid rewards for masternodes: 12 STEMMA
AVG masternode reward frequency: 1h 21m
Active masternodes: 81
Supply: 1,981,054 STEMMA
Coins locked: 81,000 STEMMA (4.09%)
Required coins for masternode: 1,000 STEMMA
Masternode worth: $ 0 / 0.00005 BTC
Stemma Blockchain stats
Blocks 1440
AVG block time: 1m
Genesis block: 120d 2h 4m 50s ago / Sep 18 2018 14:09:36
Last price and masternodes count update: 3m 7s ago
Last Stemma block 171,806 generated: 2m 46s ago
ROI is calculated based on actual rewards for each block for the last 24 hours.

MNF is a service that will allow you to independently study and compare the parameters of different coins, monitor your own masternodes with the specification of the required parameters. Within the provided service, we do not recommend any coins, we do not give guarantees about the results of investing in them. All decisions, you make regarding the coins presented on the service, you accept at your own risk.

As a rule, many parameters of coins (including ROI, Price, Volume, Nodes, MN Worth) can be changed and are not fixed. You can take into account both these changing parameters and other factors of the project that affect its success.